High Yield NREMTP Review Course - GUARANTEED PASS*

We are confident that our review course will lead you to a passing score on the WRITTEN portion of the national registry of emergency medical technicians examination.  However, our guarantee must be limited to those who make every effort to utilize our review as dictated by the following guidelines:

  1. NREMT Exam must correspond with course taken.

  2. You must have been eligible for the exam as dictated by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians or MFR proctors.

  3. You must have completed the Exam in its entirety.

  4. All questions and exercises included in the Course must have been completed prior to taking your Exam.

  5. No lapses of use of the Course greater than 3 days may have existed at any point during the Course because the maximum benefit of the Course can be realized when utilized on a daily basis.

  6. Offer applies to MFR, 30 day EMT-B, and 60 day EMT-P courses.

  7. You must attempt the NREMT/MFR Exam within 30 days of completing the Course as the longer you wait, the more information you will forget.

  8. Written verification of the failed attempt at the Exam must be provided within 40 days of completing the Course.

We have yet to receive a single notification of a failed attempt after completing our course!  That’s right, not ONE person who has taken our course as above has failed their national registry exam!

If you follow the criteria above and still fail, we will:

  1. 1)Refund your tuition

  2. 2)Give you a free 30 day renewal

  3. 3)Personally work with you to try to figure out what went wrong.

Your success is important to us and it shows!

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High-Yield Review

A different Approach

  1. BulletStudy smarter, not harder

  2. BulletModeled after review methods medical students depend on

  3. BulletStatistics-based variable content algorithm for high yield review

  4. BulletRefine test-taking skills

  1. BulletSelect one or all categories

  2. BulletReview missed questions

  3. BulletReview flagged questions

  4. BulletDetailed exam scores

  5. BulletDetailed cumulative progress

  6. BulletCompare against peers

Focus on Differentials

  1. BulletConcise explanations to maximize your review time

  2. BulletUnderstand why the wrong answers are wrong

  3. BulletMake connections between topics and conditions

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Yes!  We Guarantee that you will pass*

We dare you to find another course that does the same!