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Failure is far more expensive than success and we can prove it!

Start with the average salary difference from EMT-B to EMT-P.  If you are testing for your EMT-B, compare your salary with the average for EMT-B.

  1. EMT-B earns between $21,969 - $34,352(1)

  2. EMT-P earns between $28,396 - $47,489(1)

Failing your exam could cost you:

  1. $535 - $1,095 per month in lost wages

  2. $110.00 fee to test again!

By failing your exam, you may spend up to 25 times the tuition you would have paid for our course in the first month alone.  If you fail your exam multiple times, you may also have to pay for a refresher course.  So now ask yourself, can you really afford not to enroll?



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High-Yield Review

A different Approach

  1. BulletStudy smarter, not harder

  2. BulletModeled after review methods medical students depend on

  3. BulletStatistics-based variable content algorithm for high yield review

  4. BulletRefine test-taking skills

  1. BulletSelect one or all categories

  2. BulletReview missed questions

  3. BulletReview flagged questions

  4. BulletDetailed exam scores

  5. BulletDetailed cumulative progress

  6. BulletCompare against peers

Focus on Differentials

  1. BulletConcise explanations to maximize your review time

  2. BulletUnderstand why the wrong answers are wrong

  3. BulletMake connections between topics and conditions

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You cannot afford NOT to enroll!

See what failing your exam really costs you