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In school, students learn by reviewing the details of each condition one by one.  When encountering a question on an exam, they must then formulate a fragmented list of details for each answer choice in an attempt to make a comparison.

The national registry counts on you to forget just enough to make the correct answer and the distractors look similar.  Our program focuses on the subtle nuances between each condition and explains why the wrong answers are wrong, not just why the right answer is right.  Learning this way not only allows you to eliminate distractors more effectively, but connects topics together for a deeper level of understanding.

What’s more, our system actually adapts to your scores and learns what areas you are weak in!  Then, using a complex algorithm, the system looks at each question’s cut score, difficulty rating, and frequency of recognition to determine what content to display to you next.  This dynamic learning approach is infinitely more productive than traditional methods and our student’s scores prove it!

Our authors also make it a point to expose you to the same tricks and traps that you will encounter on national registry so that you will not lose valuable points on simple mistakes.  This comprehensive approach combining strong clinical knowledge and strong testing skills is the reason we are so successful at getting our students through.

Tony from Indianapolis, IN writes, “Thanks to your program, I passed the written portion of the test. Thank you so much for offering all the help that you did. I will suggest this program to anyone who is wanting help studying and reviewing for national registry!”

You CAN pass this exam and we can help you do it!


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High-Yield Review

A different Approach

  1. BulletStudy smarter, not harder

  2. BulletModeled after review methods medical students depend on

  3. BulletStatistics-based variable content algorithm for high yield review

  4. BulletRefine test-taking skills

  1. BulletSelect one or all categories

  2. BulletReview missed questions

  3. BulletReview flagged questions

  4. BulletDetailed exam scores

  5. BulletDetailed cumulative progress

  6. BulletCompare against peers

Focus on Differentials

  1. BulletConcise explanations to maximize your review time

  2. BulletUnderstand why the wrong answers are wrong

  3. BulletMake connections between topics and conditions

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